Our Story - French Twins Removals

Twin brothers, Ludovic and Frederic were born in France and came to Sydney in 2000, like so many others, to watch the spectacle of the Olympic Games.

They had both been working as pastry chefs/bakers in London and Paris and quickly fell in love with the relaxed way of life here in Australia away from the stresses both had experienced back home. It soon became evident that Australia was where they wanted to stay.

It was by chance that they found themselves working as furniture removalists. Sick of being stuck in hot kitchens and starting work at a time when most people were tucked up in bed, they jumped at the chance to work outdoors and the opportunity to be working somewhere different every day and to meet so many new people. Both have worked for some of the most well known and well respected furniture removals companies in Sydney.

As twins they have always been close so it was obvious that they become partners in business. They have a natural affinity for each other which is especially helpful when it comes to coordinating the move of heavy furniture and precious objects. Their easy way and careful nature, evident in their detailed approach to every removals job, is a reflection of their upbringing in the countryside of France.

Both have forged a happy new life in Australia, as new Australian citizens.