Moving Services - Local, Regional and Interstate

We move houses and offices in metropolitan Sydney. We will move you to anywhere in Australia. We offer pre-packing services and can arrange unpacking and storage for you. We sell and hire a range of products to help your move (see our list for prices) and will arrange delivery of these items prior to your move (we will happily collect your used boxes to reuse after your move, in order to help our environment).

Regional and Interstate Moves

Moving long distances either within NSW or interstate can be a daunting prospect and presents a unique set of challenges. The most important thing when planning a long distance move is to be organised! Email or telephone us with the exact details of your proposed move and we will be happy to provide you with a more detailed quote and a moving plan.

Our Rates

We charge an hourly rate or are happy to come out to arrange a free no obligation quote for larger jobs (for jobs the size of a large 2 bedroom unit and bigger). We charge a minimum of 2 hours (unless by prior arrangement) for weekdays and Saturdays with a minimum of 4 hours for public holidays and Sundays.



  • materials (prices as listed)

  • tolls (as applicable)

  • parking fees (as applicable)

  • traveling time (as applicable)*

For details specific to your move contact us today for a no obligation estimation or quotation.

* Traveling time is charged at a minimum and is is dependent upon your location and the size of your job. It is only charged in order to cover our costs – we do not profit from our traveling charges.

Moving Supplies

Available for purchase prior to your moving date:

  • Standard carton $5.00

  • Small carton $3.00

  • Port a robe, Hire $6.00, Sale $15.50

  • Mattress bag large $10.00

  • Mattress bag small $7.50

  • Sofa bag $10.00

  • Armchair bag $7.50

  • Dining chair bag $3.50

  • Tape per roll $4.00

  • Butcher’s paper $40.00 (15 kg), $15 (5 kg)

  • Bubble wrap $3.00 per metre

  • Craft wrap $4.00 per metre

  • Plasma crate hire $10.00

Prices are subject to change without notice.


French Twins Removals holds a number of insurance policies. Our Carriers Liability insurance policy covers damage to your items in the event of:

  • Fire

  • Explosion (subject to our policy regarding transportation of dangerous goods eg. gas cylinders, petroleum products. See our non-allowable's list)

  • Lightning damage

  • Flood

  • Collision or overturning of our truck whilst your belongings are being transported by us.

Your items are also covered for theft ($500 excess) and damage incurred during loading and unloading ($1000 excess). This means that if you choose not to take out any additional insurance, in the event of the theft of our truck whilst your belongings are inside it, or the theft of some of your goods by a third party during your move, you will be liable for the first $500 payable in the replacement of those items. In making a claim for theft it may be necessary to prove ownership of those items either with photographs or original purchase receipts (perhaps photograph your most important items beforehand). If any items are damaged in the loading and unloading of your possessions and you have not taken out additional insurance, then you will be liable for the first $1000 payable in the replacement or repair of those items. In all cases the maximum sum insured is $50,000. This insurance policy does not require any additional payment from you or for you to fill out any paperwork.


If you do wish to take out additional insurance for your move (such as if you wish to reduce the excess payable or insure items to a higher total value), or even to just discuss your options, please contact our insurance broker Vaughan & Monaghan Insurance and Financial Services on (02) 9476 2988 who will be happy to assist you.


Don’t forget to check your existing home insurance policy – you may already be covered for your move.

Payment Methods

Cash, Credit Card *, Eftpos and Direct Debit by prior arrangement.

* Mastercard and Visa only, surcharge applies for Credit Card Payments


Full payment of all accounts is due at the completion of the move unless by prior arrangement. Payment by direct deposit should be arranged immediately (let us know beforehand if you intend to pay by direct deposit and we will give you our bank account details) and we allow this payment method in good faith. Credit will not be extended under any circumstances. For interstate moves a deposit may be required at the time of booking with the balance payable at completion. In the case of telephone or email quotations, we reserve the right to charge in addition to the quotation if circumstances are found to be grossly different to that described. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all items are packed and ready to be moved on the morning of the move, with no undue delay caused. We will happily pack and supply packing materials, but if this has not been included in our original quotation we will be obliged to charge an additional fee.