Regional and Interstate Moves

French Twins Removals - Regional and Interstate Moves

Moving long distances either within NSW or interstate can be a daunting prospect and presents a unique set of challenges. The most important thing when planning a long distance move is to be organised! Remember, you can’t just quickly pop back to your old neighbourhood if you’ve left something behind. Use our various moving checklists to ensure that you haven’t forgotten anything and don’t forget to check places like under the house or in the roof space for those items you’ve stored away as well as clearing out any external storage spaces (such as self storage or things you may have tucked away at other people’s houses).

When you move long distances or interstate, you not only have to think about how your precious possessions will be moved but also how your family will be moving.

  • Are you all travelling together?
  • Will you be going at the same time as your removalists or do you plan to stagger your move?
  • Are you driving? Flying?
  • Will you need to arrange accommodation along the way?
  • Do you have any pets moving with you? Any plants?

Ensure that you give yourself a lot of time to plan your move. Remember that an interstate move (eg. Sydney-Melbourne, Sydney-Brisbane) will take us, your removalists at least 3 days so we may not be able to accommodate you if you call to book the week before! Talk with us well in advance about what our plan is for your move.

If you are driving, ensure that all your vehicles are roadworthy – a pre trip service is a good idea. Ensure there are keys as well as any burglar alarm and other access codes available for us at your new address in case you are delayed in arriving for any reason. Make sure you have appropriate transport crates for your pets – remember that we cannot transport live animals. We are however happy to transport any pot plants you may have (subject to laws in other states regarding the transportation of plant material and soil), but keep in mind that they will be in the back of a hot truck and won’t be watered for the duration of the trip.

Email or telephone us with the exact details of your proposed move and we will be happy to provide you with a more detailed quote and a moving plan.