Packing hints and suggestions

French Twins Removals - Packing hints and suggestions

Essential packing materials

  1. sturdy boxes of various sizes (clothes can be packed in suitcases and hanging items transported in specially designed port a robes, available for hire from your removalist)
  2. good quality packing tape
  3. permanent marker pens
  4. bubble wrap, butchers paper, linen/towels for delicate items
  5. an esky for cold items (for short moves)

Tips for effective packing

  1. start packing early with items infrequently used such as books
  2. make an inventory of all your cartons and boxes with their contents. Mark boxes with the room they are destined for (write clearly in black marker on the packing tape)
  3. make sure all boxes are securely closed, especially the bottom
  4. use towels and linen to protect fragile items. Don’t use newspaper to wrap items as the newsprint can stain hands and items. Use clean butcher’s paper instead
  5. pack heavier items in small boxes, remember your removalists backs!
  6. wrap plates individually and stack them on their edges ensuring they are cushioned underneath and on the sides. Mark boxes fragile as necessary
  7. keep all valuables, important documents and essentials like medications with you. Pack a small box with essentials you will need immediately at your new home such as toiletries, a change of clothes and toilet paper and keep that with you also
  8. don't pack things that belong with the property such as remotes for airconditioners and fans, oven racks
  9. your removalists will be happy to dismantle any furniture you have, but you may wish to do this yourself to save some time. If you do dismantle the furniture yourself, you will be responsible for reassembling it at your new home as it will be difficult for your removalists to figure how it goes together. Make sure you keep all bolts and screws safe