Things easily forgotten

French Twins Removals - Things easily forgotten

Things you may not think of:

  1. clean and defrost your fridge a few days before your move (don’t forget to empty the drip tray) ensuring you have eaten or disposed of any perishables and frozen foods, especially if you are travelling a long distance
  2. if moving pot plants, be aware that it is often illegal to take plants interstate. Arrange to give them away or dispose of them if necessary
  3. arrange transportation of dangerous goods such as gas bottles, fire extinguishers, flammable cleaning products, paint, motor oil and petrol jerry cans as these cannot be carried by your removalist due to insurance requirements. For safe transportation these should be emptied prior to long trips
  4. drain petrol and other fuels out of your lawnmower and power tools
  5. clean your barbecue. Empty out any barbecue heat beads and ashes
  6. ensure you have checked all areas of your house such as under the house, in the roof cavity, in the back corner of the garden to be sure not to forget anything
  7. label all computer cables as you remove them to enable easy reassembly. Backup all your computer files to disc and keep the discs with you
  8. pack all remotes together, generally with your DVD/video player. For long trips, remove batteries from remote controls
  9. don’t forget to arrange transportation for your pets
  10. remove and pack the plate from inside your microwave
  11. your washing machine hoses might need new washers or replacing to prevent leakage at your new home